August Catalog Horse Sale - Mira Loma

This consignment form is for the auction on Saturday, August 27th 2022 | Consignment Closes Sunday, August 21st 2022 | Open consignments accepted on sale day. Non-cataloged horses will sell after the cataloged horses, no exceptions.

Dear consignor,
If you have issues uploading images or videos via this form, you can send them via text to 541-326-7863 or by using messenger via Facebook. 

Attention: If you are consigning multiple horses fill out the first form, then for all other horses, include your name and enter 0 for all other personal info. 

We require a current animal health and coggins for all out of state horses. While the form uses the term horse, you can consign mules, ponies, minis, donkeys, hinnies, etc. 

Consignor Information

General Animal Information

Please let us know info about your horse, including how many horses you're planning to consign, so we can better correlate paperwork and stall assignments on our end. Photos and Videos should be submitted via this form. If you have questions, call 541-326-7863

We require original documents be given with the horse upon check-in to consider a horse "Registered". Horses consigned with copies will be sold as "Grade".

We recommend sharing as much info as possible and consider sharing information you would personally like to know if considering the purchase yourself. 

Info that you may consider discussing:

  • How was this horse used?
  • What kind of experience does this horse have (trails, areas, open pasture, stall kept, training)?
  • How does the horse load?
  • How is the horse for the farrier?
  • How are their feet and do they require shoes?
  • Any behavioral issues? 
  • Has this horse been boarded with other horses? If so, how was their temperament?
  • Any behavioral issues to consider?

Medical History and Soundness

A reserve is a minimum price required to sell your horse. While more info is detailed in our terms and conditions, please be aware this is the only time you can place or declare a reserve.

Input the reserve amount. As the owner, you have the option of removing a reserve if not met or declining the final bid as per our terms and conditions. 


Attention Consignor, while you can pre enter a horse via this application without conformation pictures, we highly recommend you submit conformation photos for each horse. While conformation pictures are not required for this sale, we require a clear photo of the horse before it’s posted online or promoted by the auction house. All photos should be taken bareback, though additional photos including under saddle can also be submitted.

Conformation photos should include: Front, Rear, both sides, feet, and teeth for non registered horses.


Having great photos that accurately depict your horse can make a massive difference in interest and the final bid price you’ll received.

-When taking side shots, make sure your horse is on level ground and your camera is orientated in the same manner. Your camera should be centered to your horses body, not above or below it.

-Groom your horse before taking pictures.

-Consider lighting and how it impacts the photo. The ideal time of the day is the two hour after sunrise and the last two hour prior to sunset.

-If you just groomed your horse, take conformation shots first before saddling.

-Backgrounds are important. Try to take photos against a background that doesn’t distract from your horse.

-Profile pictures should have your horse looking slightly toward the camera.

-If possible, try to get a photo of the horse in trot

If registered, we require a copy of the registration.

Having issues?
Please note that some phones use uncommon formats for their photos. Uploading from a phone will typically convert these to a common format. Uploading these from a computer can result in issues. A great example is the iPhone which uses HEIC, a format not compatible with most websites. When uploading these from an iPhone, they will convert, but not when uploading the same picture from a computer.

  1. You can upload 10 Images of your horse here. 
  2. Upload your Registration docs here. (most formats supported)
  3. You can choose to upload a video of your horse in action here. This will be shared on the TV in ring as the horse is selling. 
  4. If you have a pre-purchase examination by a licensed vet, you can upload it here. 

If you struggle to upload here, you can also message us the photos via our Facebook page, or text them to 541-326-7863.

The Auction House

Mark each box to agree with the terms of service.

The Final Step

To finish processing THIS application, each entry is required to prepay a non-refundable $100 deposit. This will appear on your final invoice as a credit. Feel free to contact us if you're unsure what's owed. If you have multiple entries, submit them all first, then send the total deposit.


Methods you can used to submit your deposit. 

  1. PayPal friends and family:
  2. Zelle: 541-326-7863
  3. Cash: Call 541-592-4300 to make an appointment for drop-off