Are you looking to sell?
Here's what you need to know for the general Horse and Tack Auction

We are open to the public and promote a family-friendly environment with a strong focus on family farms and the horse community.

We are licensed by the USDA, CDFA, and are a fully bonded auction house. 

We are located at

10415 Limonite Ave

Mira Loma, CA 91752

Directions for dropping off a horse for consignment.

Enter the property via gate 1 and head to the back fence line. Turn right, then turn right again where the horse stall starts. You’ll see a driveway paralleling them with the check-in area at the back corner of the auction barn.

 Directions for dropping off tack, saddles, trailers, and other physical goods. 

Enter the property via gate 2. Tack is checked in at the auction office entrance. 

Horse Consignments

Our Horse sale is held the first Saturday of every month. In addition to horses, we sell everything used on or around a horse, such as panels, trailers, carts, tack, saddles, and more. Horses can be consigned via our online portal and on sale day from 9 am-3 pm. We open for preview at 4 pm. Horses can be dropped off by appointment prior to the sale day by making an appointment with Mike (541-592-4300).  Boarding charges are listed on our fee schedule. Our entry fee also covers boarding for Saturday and Sunday. Horses passed out and not received during this period will be assessed a boarding charge according to the fee schedule. 

Be aware that injured and starved horses will be accepted/rejected on a case-by-case basis. Horses that are determined to be ill will not be accepted. Horses that should be euthanized will not be accepted.

Commissions are listed on the commission schedule page. 

Horse Consignor Payouts

Horses will be paid out in accordance with our consignor terms and conditions. 

Tack Saddles Trailers and other Goods

Physical items can be dropped off any time by appointment and are received on auction day from 9 am until 2:45 pm. Commissions are listed on the commission schedule page. 

Tack Saddles Trailers and other Goods Payouts

Early payouts for physical goods will be determined on a case-by-case basis and only made after the entirety of the consignment has been paid for. Typically, this will be after the auction has ended and all buyers have paid. Checks will be mailed in accordance to the terms and conditions and how they apply to what’s being sold.