Consignor – General Terms and Conditions (non-special events)

  1. For each horse consignment, the entry fee is $25. The commission is 13% of the total sale price.
  2. Reserves must be declared in advance to the auction house. Once a horse is consigned, the reserve can not be raised. Reserves can be lowered or removed. There is no pass-out fee for horses that don’t sell due to not meeting their reserve price.
  3. There is a $25 pass-out fee for horses that don’t meet their declared reserved. Owners have the first right of refusal while the horse is still in the auction ring.
  4. If the seller rejects the final bid and the reserve has been met, the owner will owe the auction house full commission on the final bid price.
  5. If the seller rejects the final bid and no reserve was placed beforehand, the owner will owe the auction house full commission on the final bid price.
  6. Copy of papers (if papered) along with the deposit must be received before entry will be accepted. 
  7. Any out-of-state horse must have a negative Coggins test no older than six months from the date of sale and an animal health.
  8. While we don’t require a negative Coggins for in-state horses, we highly recommend you get one along with an animal health. Horses with a negative Coggins and animal health will be disclosed to bidders. 
  9. If a horse is sold on grounds outside of the sale ring, the sale must go through the office. 
  10. All pre-consigned horses must have clean and clear high-resolution photos of each horse. All photos are subject to cselection by the auction staff. Please review our photo and video standards before submitting them. 
  11. Promoting horses prior to the sale is intended to benefit both sellers and buyers by advertising horses well in advance in an effort to give the best possible opportunity to realize the market price. Once a horse has been posted, we expect that horse to be at the auction on sale day. If you withdraw your horse for any reason other than infirmary, you will be assessed a pullout fee of $275.
  12. Every horse must be consigned with a halter. A $25.00 Halter Charge will be applied to every horse that arrives without a halter or has its halter removed prior to the horse leaving the auction facility.
  13. Each hose consigned to this sale must pass through the auction sales arena, and all transactions must go through the sales office. The auction house has determined hip numbers and Stall assignments. Hip numbers cannot be removed by the consignor or the buyer while the horse is on-site. Assigned stalls can only be changed by the auction house management. All persons attending this sale do so at their own risk and are urged to use caution around all animals while on Auction grounds. Any item not covered in these “Terms and Conditions” shall be regulated according to the established customs and practices of professional auction companies.
  14. Payment: Horses are paid for only after the buyers of your horses have paid for their purchase in full. In most cases, this will be the next business day. We will make every attempt to pay the night of the sale when possible. For consignors who make specific guarantees and for other circumstances we deem appropriate, we reserve the right to hold payment for up to four business days following the sale.