Remote Bidding Details

What is remote bidding?
Remote bidding allows those who can’t attend an auction in person to participate off site while having access to a representative who will bid on their behalf. This is an interactive live experience similar to a phone bid, but with live video feed. 
Interested in signing up? Here are the details. Please read over everything before filling out the form.


Dear Buyer,

Please read and make sure you understand the following before continuing.

- Remote bidding requires the user to have Facebook as all information is relayed via a private group. You can't access remote bidding without it.

- Remote bidding allows you to bid via a live agent while watching the auction from a remote location. You will be able to interact with a live agent who will place bids on your behalf as the auction happens. All bids must be placed in real time. 

- Registration is good for a max of 1 year from your last active winning bid or at the auction house's discretion.

- A one-time nonrefundable processing fee of $30.00 is required to complete registration. (more info on this in the form)

- The deadline for guaranteed registration is the day before the auction. Day of auction registration can be done, but there's no guarantee your application will be processed that day. No applications are processed after the auction starts. 

- Remote bidding is currently for horses only. 

- The system isn't perfect and isn't always guaranteed to work or be available. The only real guaranteed way to win a bid is to be here in person.

- If possible, please let me know when you've completed the form by sending a message via our Facebook page, Facebook is required to participate.

- Additional information will not be e-mailed to you regarding the completion of registration (registration is not automatic, I process them by hand). Again, message me on Facebook or by text if you have questions.

- Remote bidding utilizes a live agent who bids on your behalf. All bids must be received as a max authorized dollar amount before the agent can act on your behalf. 

- If you talk ill about other group members or the animals, you will be banned.

- Violation of any of these rules will result in an automatic ban from both online and in-person bidding.

- We get a number of people registering at the last minute or messaging us after the auction is going with issues. We can't help you resolve these issues if you don't contact us early in the day. If you register late and have issues, you may need to wait until the next month to access your account. Registration is unavailable after the sale has started. 

- Payment in full is required the night of the auction. Non-payment will result in a whole auction ban, both online and live.


Mike's Livestock Auction 

Located at 10415 Limonite Ave, Mira Loma, CA 91752

Have questions about this form? Message Shaun @

or Call/Text 541-326-7863

Ready to send your fee? Here's how to do it. 

To finish processing THIS application, you'll need to submit your registration fee. Be aware, if you send a registration, but the fee is not received, you won't be contacted. Be sure your payment is going to the correct address. Applications are processed by hand the week leading up to the sale. 


Methods you can used to submit your deposit. 

  1. PayPal friends and family:
  2. Zelle: 541-592-4300 

Please make sure you indicate who the payment is coming from if not under the same name as your remote bidding account.